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Gifts for Them, Treats for You,
Fits through the Letterbox Every time

Polka Dot Rose sells a range of beautiful products that can either be sent as a gift or bought for yourself as a treat. Every item has been carefully selected and sensibly priced. All boxes are posted First Class and fit through the letterbox everytime. Postage and Packing is included in the price.

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Choose a Gift

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Free Delivery

Sending a Gift

A Polka Dot Rose customer tends to be a person who genuinely cares for others; a thoughtful person, who wants their gift to have a personal touch. They might want to send Birthday Presents, Thank You Gifts or even “Hope this will cheer you up” Care Packages. However sometimes they just don’t have the time to shop, select, wrap and post a gift. This is where Polka Dot Rose can help.
We’re not you, but maybe we can be the next best thing.

Every product in the Polka Dot Range is extremely carefully chosen, eye-catching, of a certain quality and reasonably priced. We send our parcels First Class in boxes that fit through the letterbox every time. That means they arrive on the mat to be found amongst the morning post. It’s always a lovely surprise.
No waiting in or collecting from the parcel’s office.

You care for your family and friends and you enjoy making them smile. Words matter to you. When they open their Birthday Presents or Thank You Gifts or Care Packages they find a beautifully and carefully composed gift message. The message is neatly transcribed in a specifically chosen font that looks like it has been hand-written.
Your Message, Your Words. Nearly as good as you being there!

We don’t think they or you will be disappointed.

Treating Yourself

Accessories Basket


Treat Yourself Heart

Treat Yourself

Free Delivery Truck

Free Delivery

Our customers like to send lovely things and they like to have lovely things. They tend to be people who can discern both quality and value in an item. They enjoy wearing an Apple Green Coloured Scarf or putting their glasses away in a Golden Coloured Leather Glasses Case with an amazing Highland Cow on the front!
Everyday items that can make them smile.

We like to think we are building our reputation for offering items that are individual. We put a lot of effort into selecting all our products. Each item must match the necessary credentials of the Polka Dot Rose Brand. That means they must be eye-catching, of a certain quality and appropriately priced.
Everybody needs Treats from time to time.

Polka Dot Rose Customers see something that is a match for their personal taste and make the decision to buy it. They too can then get that lovely feeling of finding the box on the mat because all the items in the Accessory Range are wrapped in the Polka Dot Rose Gift Boxes that fit through the Letterbox everytime.
All things lovely!

What’s in the Box ?

There are two elements to the Polka Dot Rose offer. The Polka Dot Rose Signature Box Range and the Polka Dot Rose Accessory Range. We like to think that the Signature Box Range offers some really original gift ideas. Each box contains a carefully curated selection of items. It’s a bit like opening an Aladdin’s Cave!
The items are sometimes grouped together under a particular theme, for example the Bookworm Box, the Earth-Friend Box or the Gardener’s Box. Some of the most popular Polka Dot Rose choices are what we like to call Polka Dot Rose Care Packages. These include Thinking of You, Me Time, Sending Love. Some really kind thoughts that can be wonderfully expressed by sending a box through the post.
The best way to understand these boxes is to take a look.

Polka Dot Rose


In contrast the Polka Dot Rose Accessory Collection tends to be individual items rather than a group of items. Pretty jewellery, colourful scarves and really great quality purses and bags. Remember each of these items must match the Polka Dot Rose requirements of quality, originality, style and price. And of course they must also fit in a letterbox sized box!!

Our customers are not necessarily slaves to fashion, but they do demand style and to have style there needs to be at least a nod to current trends. For this reason The Accessory Collection changes more quickly than the Signature Box Range. We rarely restock an item within the Accessory Range. Once it’s gone it’s gone.
So why don’t you have a look and see if anything grabs you.

Polka Dot Rose


Pre-Ordering Gifts

For most of us, life is getting busier all the time. There are so many people in our lives that we care about and it’s terrible if we suddenly realise that we have forgotten someone’s birthday. From time to time this can happen to any of us. Now you can pre-order your birthday gifts from us. We hold the items for you; then wrap and post them so that they arrive on time. When placing your order you have the opportunity to specify and request a pre-order delivery date.

what our customers are saying

Received a lovely quality foil print scarf from jo today. Perfectly and carefully gift packaged. Lovely quality. Will definitely buy again. Thank you. 

S. A. Lancashire

Inspired idea for me and all busy people out there when time gets the better of us but you need a quick way of sending a pressie. Lovely ideas, and beautiful gift wrapping thrown in.. 

J. L. Somerset

So pleased with the items I ordered. Thank you so much. I will be following your site more carefully now and passing it onto friends and family.

M. S. Conwy

This site has given many people I care about a lot of pleasure (including me!) and I cannot praise your website enough. The thought I would normally have to put into choosing gifts has been done by you instead! I sent my friend a beautiful scarf, and she looks great in it!

P. K. Leicestershire

I received one of your gift boxes from a close friend for my birthday. Your website is lovely! My new make-up purse is beautiful – I take it to work with me in my handbag, and I get loads of compliments on it!
A. W. Lancashire

I sent a gift box to my mother-in-law – usually she’s very difficult to please, but she really liked the packaging. I think I’ve found my new go-to gift company for all future holidays, and I even saw her wearing the earrings last week! 

M. P. North Wales


We would like to keep in touch with you if we can. We don’t want to pester you. Our VIP customers get early notification of sales and special pricing events.


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