When we move from place to place we often leave behind good friends. Our families grow bigger and what used to be five becomes twenty-five. We all live busy lives, managing jobs, managing families, managing time: living real life. Sometimes we stop and remember its someone’s birthday tomorrow or maybe it was yesterday. Perhaps we know someone needs cheering up or we want to say thank you for a great weekend. We would like to take all the time in the world to choose a gift, write a card, pack it nicely and put it into the post but it never quite happens like that. Maybe Polka Dot Rose can be the next best thing. We try to select quirky but useable gifts; we don’t complicate your choice with too many options, the packaging is pretty and most important of all we allow you to write the message which will probably mean as much as the gift. It drops on the mat, they open it and smile…job done.