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Accessory Collection

Are you looking for some Eye-Catching Jewellery or some Pretty Floral Scarves? If so then Polka Dot Rose can help.



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The Polka Dot Rose Accessory Collection is not huge but it has been very carefully chosen. It has been curated for the discerning customer who likes to send nice things to the people that she cares for AND she likes to buy nice things for herself. Is that you?
Have a look below and see if anything catches your eye. We find that whilst our customers are not necessarily slaves to fashion, they do demand style. And most would agree that in order to be stylish there has to be at least a nod to current trends.

Our customers look for Eye-Catching Jewellery pieces. They look for Scarves that drop and fold in a certain way, they look for Scarves that are not itchy around the neck. When they see an enormous and beautiful Brown cow on the front of a golden glasses case they have to have it–even though they know they should send it to their sister for her birthday!

We put a lot of effort into curating our Accessory Collection. Each item must be Eye-Catching, of a certain quality and reasonably priced and of course it has to fit in a letterbox friendly box. For example if you are choosing to send Scarves By Post you want to know that it won’t be hanging around in a sorting office for weeks on end!
Don’t forget the Message! When you are thinking through your Gift Ideas for Her or thinking of sending some Scarves by Post don’t forget the importance of the message that accompanies the item. We write all our messages in a Hand-Written font and produce them on a beautifully ribboned piece of Kraft card. This is immediately visible when the box is first opened. It’s nearly as good as you being there!

All prices include gift wrapping and first class postage



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