I don’t know anybody who doesn’t groan when they see the first Christmas window in the High Street. (Well anybody over the age of 10!!)I have a niece who starts counting down to Christmas on FaceBook at the end of September. (CP you know who you are!).

As a kid Christmas was beyond exciting;the Carols,the Cake,the Presents,the Cake,the Lights,the Cake.If you came from a family of seven believe me Cake was important.Nearly as important as who was allowed to pick the Turkey after lunch.

The realities of an Adult Christmas are somewhat different.But you sure need Cake to get through it.🎂

So many questions…not just who is on my list and what am I going to get them? Really vital questions like where do I hide all the presents? Have I spent the same amount of money on each of my kids? Is this the year I finally cave and buy ready prepared vegetables from MandS? www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order 

How many of you have to go out and buy Christmas cards at top dollar at the beginning of December because you just can’t remember where you hid the the ones you bought from Oxfam at half price last January?www.oxfam.org.uk/shop.

The nights are never silent at Christmas and in my experience Ye Merry Gentlemen do an awful lot of resting. That said ,sitting on your sofa on Christmas Day,pink-cheeked from the lunchtime Tio Pepe,you actually do feel a warm glow.Because you get to spend the day with people you love, if you are lucky you will laugh and that, right there, is enough to make Christmas Very Welcome.