As we march into peak gardening season and watch the fruit of our earlier labours,it’s worth catching a breath and thinking how can we reduce our use of plastics in our garden as much as we are trying to do in our house.

It sounds a bit daft at first ,how can green gardens be about damaging plastics? First Mistake–lots of plastic being used in our gardening activity. If you do nothing else after reading this blog do this….Just sit on your garden chair and write down every bit of plastic that you use in your everyday gardening practice.It’s only by identifying our usage that we can take measures to combat it

So here below are a few tips that you can check on.

  • Reduce the use of plastic pots. Make your own,perhaps try to grow more of your own plants from seedling. See if you can return pots back garden centres you bought plants from.
  • Make your own compost every year so you can use it the following year.Don’t buy a plastic compost bin, make your own wooden bin.
  • Reduce uses of hoses;harder work I know but try to use metal watering cans.Better for for your fitness levels as well.Get at least a thousand stepsin mooching around watering your garden in the evening.
  • Don’t buy or use mass produced gardening tools. Invest in wooden and metal tools. Or even better pick some up secondhand from your facebook marketplace or free from gumtree. lots of gardening tools to be seen at car boots. They can be cleaned and reoiled by you. Then taken to a local hardware sttore for re-sharpening.
  • MINDSET -probably the most important thing of all .Once we get our heads around the objective of reducing plastic usage in our gardens I think all of us have the nouse and the desire to make sure all our gardening is as green as we can make it
  • Received a really interesting article yesterday regarding the use of coffee grain waste in garden composting. Take a look
  • Just another resource you guys can check into when trying to improve your green gardening skills!

Good Luck