Did you know that earrings have been worn for hundreds of years, mainly by men! Check it all out in this link Jewellery History .

I think women love to compliment earrings that stand out. When somebody comments, “I love your earrings!” it makes us feel good. I think we are thrilled that somebody else thinks the earrings are as fabulous as we think they are.

So, guys, if any of you like the earrings on the website, feel free buy them, but please make sure you send me a photo of you wearing them!

I love earrings that you can wear with plain jumpers and jeans yet they say you made the effort.

Not many people when asked would want to wear Giraffes in their ears but it’s a clever designer that gets you to try the look. The Giraffe Earrings on the polkadotrose website are such a subtle design. A beautifully shaped delicate Sterling Silver Giraffe with Gold Plated Spots what’s not to like?

Treat Yourself! Better still, send some to a friend then you can say, “I love your earrings!”