It’s a cold, cold February, the time of year when warm red hearts and shiny helium balloons are meant to be stocking shop windows. Big, fluffy teddy bears, hugging crimson, velvet cushions ready to be squished in someone’s arms. But I wonder at a time like this just what kind of love do we need?

Before The Covid blockbuster leapt off our screens and entered our daily lives, love seemed easier. There were physical hugs, kisses and smiles not rationed behind masks or computer screens. Life was very different. Love was very different.

Or Was It?

I believe that over the last few weeks in particular love has come round again. It’s knocked on our door when we have most needed it. We have all turned to telephone calls, zoom meetings, socially distanced walks in the park; reaching out to those we care for and those who care for us. It’s kept us going.

And it’s going to have to keep us going for a little while yet.

So here’s a list of things that you are already doing and some things that you might want to try:

  • Do a jigsaw pass it on
  • Ask the checkout guys how their day is
  • Try and make a friend giggle
  • Soak you feet in a plastic bowl of bubbles. Soothe with moisturizer
  • Try to get out everyday, even for 15 minutes
  • Take a day at a time
  • Try sewing again
  • Get a dartboard

Most importantly of all, let Valentine’s Day remind you of love – deep down love that does warm the days and helps all of us look forward to Spring.