Giraffe Scarf


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Animal print Scarves are always popular but this year we are all visiting the Safari Plains of Africa! Wild animals abound all over our scarves. This scarf has invited Giraffes to visit. Who would have thought that the giraffe could make such a scarf look so stunning. I think it’s something to do with their neck!

  • Soft Wrap 100% Viscose
  • Approximate Size 180cm L x 70cm W
  • Frayed-Edge detail
  • Eye-catching design
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Are you looking for an Unusual Scarf Design ? Then this Giraffe scarf could be of interest to you.

What’s in a scarf ?

The Giraffe Scarf was especially chosen because it had an Unusual Scarf Design. It is just one of the scarves in our in our Polka Dot Rose Accessory Collection. It makes an ideal Birthday Present for Her or a Lovely Treat for You.The Polka Dot Rose customer is a discerning woman. We  always keep her in mind when we putting our range together. One of the key values of the Polka Dot rose brand is to present Eye-Catching Accessories. A scarf can be a very bold statement so it is important to get it right.One of the most common statements I ever hear is “I don’t need another scarf “. My argument would always be “You do need another scarf-you just need to get rid of some of the ones you’ve got!! Wardrobe Scarf Management is an art form.Have the courage to get rid of the scarves you no longer use. They stop you from buying ones you really like and more importantly the ones you would enjoy wearing!

Send as a Gift?

The Polka Dot Rose customer is a discerning woman.Of course she likes to BUY nice things for her own particular treats .But she also likes to SEND nice things to her friends and family. We try to help her with both.This Giraffe Scarf fits perfectly into one of our letterbox friendly boxes.We gift wrap it in beautifully designed Polka Dot Rose tissue paper. This makes it look really special when opened.  If you are sending this scarf as a Birthday Present For Her,don’t forget the message! Words Matter.Within each Letterbox Friendly box we attach a beautifully presented gift card. On the gift card we print YOUR message.This is often the most appreciated part of the gift.The words are carefully written in a handwriting font. We like to believe it’s almost as good as you being there! Finally it just drops on the mat because it fits through the letterbox everytime!

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