I started my buying career in Paris in 1984; I was lucky enough to be buying leather goods for Harrods at the ripe age of 25.

Golly, there was a lot to learn and you know what there still is!!!

I recently went with a close friend who I trained with all those years ago, to a trade fair. She asked me, “what are we looking for?” I answered: “Quite a lot of things” and then explained that first of all the item has to fit in the PolkaDotRose box, which eliminates nearly 70% of all the stuff we were looking at!! Then, the product has to be Great. What does “great” mean? Well it has to catch the eye and it has to be of the right quality; it also it has to have the right blend of appealing to most but at the same time possessing a little “edge” that customers are drawn to.

Finally,it has to be at the right price. I think that it is all very easy to buy beautiful things but it takes a lot of time and research to offer beautiful things that can fit people’s budgets.

And don’t forget everyone POSTAGE AND PACKING is included in the price.

The PolkaDotRose range of gifts is starting to come together but it would be a foolish buyer who would say that range selection is anything but a work in progress….