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Do you want to send gifts online? Polka Dot Rose sells a fabulous range of birthday and occasion gifts in letterbox friendly gift boxes. All the gifts have been carefully chosen and sensibly priced. The price includes the cost of first-class postage.

The Polka Dot Rose gift collection contains, individual gifts, small groups of two or three matching gifts and themed gift boxes. The gifts are sent in Polka Dot Rose boxes that fit through a standard letterbox. Individual gifts can include glasses cases, purses, scarves, and jewellery. Sometimes we match the designs on these individual items so that they can be sold together. The themed gift boxes offer something different; they bring together a range of products that tell a story.

When you place an order with us, you select the gift that you want to be posted though your friend’s letterbox. You compose a message to accompany the gift, which is transcribed in a “handwritten” font. At this stage there is a facility to pre-order so that the gifts can be delivered for a specified date.

We take your order, we select the gift that you have chosen, we individually hand wrap your order, making sure to include your message. We then either post it straight away or hold it in readiness for your pre-order date. We want to make this site one of your favourites. We want you to keep coming back to us again and again, choosing gorgeous gifts for your friends and family that always fit through the letterbox. To encourage you to keep visiting our site we only purchase in limited quantities from our selected suppliers. This enables us to constantly change the gift selection available.

All prices include gift wrapping and first class postage

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