Drop Tesco bags on the floor, switch kettle on, quick head count of the kids. OMG, I forgot to pick Finn up from nursery!! No ,take a breath he’s sitting in his car seat in the back of the car yelling for sausages.

Ok, sausages cooked, served with baked beans and chips-hand cut, peeled Maris Piper potatoes. Not so much- Iceland frozen ,same as the sausages and Thank God the beans come out of a can. Jamie Oliver, have a sausage.


Telly on, time for a quick cup of tea before bath and bedtime. Wondering if Finn needs therapy for car abandonment issues but atm he is tearing clumps out of the cat’s fur so maybe he is in touch with his inner rage already. Just about to pour the milk in the tea, when I notice, sitting next to the toaster, More Fun With Maths workbook , the front two pages stuck together with strawberry jam. Oh damn ..half an hour of home schooling before bedtime. Hip Hip Hooray.


The pyjamas are all in the drying basket where they were left on Tuesday. The bathroom looks like Noah landed in Toys “R” Us, but the kids are in bed and asleep (mostly). Now it’s time for my emails and the report that Tracey wants for tomorrow’s meeting. You know what, no, it’s not time for any emails or reports. I go downstairs pour a large glass of red wine, take off all my clothes and climb into the the bath with Barbie Mermaid and Hubba Dubba Submarine. It smells faintly of spongepants squarebob after shave…nice!


I love my kids and I am a great mum .

Happy Mother’s Day